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Show & Tell Tuesday – Parties

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Grown Up Parties.

Which fits perfectly as I recently added a Parties tab to my homepage. I love hosting and I love getting dressed up. So planning parties is lot’s of fun for me. I think I love it so much, because I’m in mom mode and mom clothes most of the time. So hosting or going out and getting all dolled up is fun.

I hosted a “fancy” dinner for my friends. I used my china, stemware and even our linens. I cooked all the food and set the table. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the finished table. :(

See more pics here.

My friend Nicole and I hosted a pajama themed Holiday Party at her place. See more here.

We celebrated Mardi Gras one year with a little outdoor dinner. See more here.

I also host most of the Jewish holidays at our place. The most recent holiday was Passover.Through out the years I’ve learned that pretty paper plates and napkins can be just fun and just as nice as china (well, sometimes…). I still prefer the real thing, but clean up was so much easier.

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Happy Tuesday!

Shopkins Birthday Party

We had no plans to throw Miss Sarah a 6th birthday party this year. After all a Disneyland vacation was her birthday “party”. But after we attended a few birthday parties from kids in our neighborhood, Sarah really wanted a party too. We compromised and organized a small neighborhood party with a few friends from school.

Well then I got run over and things came to a halt.

After hibernating for a few days, I got some energy and planned a little birthday party for my girl.

Sarah’s 6th Birthday PartyThe Theme

Sarah loves playing with figurines. Lately she’s been a fan of the Shopkins figurines. So after a little Pinterest search (I really had no clue what these things were all about) we came up with a food themed Shopkins birthday party.

The Venue

Since the invite list consisted of mostly neighborhood kids we knew we wanted to do it in the grassy area in our neighborhood.

The Decorations

Thanks to Targets $1 bin I found some super cute items to decorate the lawn. The rest of the items came from Amazon (hooray for prime membership!).


Unfortunately, I didn’t have it in me to bake or cook anything like I normally do. So Sarah and I went to the grocery store the day of the party and bought all the food.

Unfortunately someone else had my camera so I didn’t get pictures of all the food. :(


Like the food, I was in no condition to bake a birthday cake like I have done in the past. I picked up the phone and called the our local grocery stores bakery department and ordered a cookie cake to go with the theme.

Fun fact: The candle broke as I was taking it out of the package. With no time to get another candle, I hot glued it back together. #momwin


To go with the “Kooky Cookie” theme we had a cookie decorating station. We also had a super fun doughnut eating contest to go with our “Delish Doughnut” theme. 

We ended the afternoon with a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.


I always like to get the birthday girl a special outfit. I try to get her something special, but something that she’ll wear again. My friend Stacee said I should check the kids department at Kohls. I’m so glad that I did! They had lot’s of choices to pick from. I got her this dress. Favors

The kids got to “shop” the treat table, but in hindsight I should have hidden some of the candy. The kids went bananas as soon as they saw the treat table. Thank you to my sweet friends for coming early and setting up. We couldn’t have put this party together without your love and help.

Happy 6th birthday my love!

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Show & Tell Tuesday – Kids Parties

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Kids Parties.

Sarah’s 1st Birthday – Sesame StreetThis birthday part was my introduction to kids birthday parties. As a wedding and event planner I dreamed about planning my kids birthday party one day. I was super excited to bring Sarah’s favorite character (at the time) to life.   I even took a class just so I could make her birthday party cake. Sarah’s 2nd Birthday – Minnie Mouse This is when the crazy started. I made homemade goldfish AND homemade fruit snacks. I made centerpieces for every table and made my own decorations. I spent hours making cupcake toppers and a baby trail mix as favors. I basically lost my mind. However, I think this was the prettiest party she had.

Sarah’s 3rd Birthday – Doc McStuffins

This was a fun party to host. I got a little Pinterest happy and made a ton of things. Sarah’s 4th Birthday – Frozen

After watching Frozen in the theater I knew we needed to do a Frozen themed birthday party. We surprised Sarah with a visit from Elsa!

I was super pregnant with Jacob so I didn’t go Pinterest crazy this time, but we did do a few things. Sarah’s 5th/Jacob’s 1st Birthday – Superheroes

With the kids birthday date so close we decided to combine birthdays this year.

I even had a custom cape made for the birthday girl!

Sarah’s 6th Birthday will be in Disneyland this year. We are so excited!

However miss social wanted a little neighborhood party. Thanks to Pinterest I have too many ideas already.These type of parties might stress people out, but I truly enjoy it. When Sarah says things like, “this is the best day ever!” I know I’ve accomplished something and to me her joy matters most.

I also like making a Shutterfly book for each of their birthday parties. Sarah will randomly sit and look at them and point to what she loved about each party. Happy Tuesday!

My Birthday {2016}

I recently cerebrated my 35th birthday and it was fabulous!

My birthday celebration started a few days prior with my girlfriends at dinner.After dinner we headed to our town trolley for some festive holiday fun. What’s a December birthday without holiday lights?   It was cute, but got cut short. Unfortunately the website didn’t specify the last call time so we went to Cheesecake Factory for some dessert.The girls got me the cutest gifts! Such a fun night! Thanks girls!!!

The following day hubby and I went to dinner with our friends, Sara and Jeff. During the week, my sweet friend Miri took me (and Jacob) out to breakfast. She is the best!! I love her! The day of my birthday I woke up to a lovely doughnut and a candle from my sweet family.Then I took my little man out for breakfast at Starbucks. My friend sent me a text saying she was at the mall and wanted to meet up for lunch so Jacob and I killed some time at Barnes & Noble. I love watching him play with trains. He gets so focused and says the cutest “chooo choo”.

Then another friend said she has to go to the mall so she and her mom joined us for lunch too. Unfortunately Jacob fell asleep in the car on the way there. Thanks to a little birthday magic he transferred to the stroller AND stayed asleep for an hour! 

Thank you Stacee and Jen for the impromptu lunch! I picked up Sarah and got home for a play date with our friends, Caden and Lydia. My sweet friend Erin brought cupcakes and macaroons!

Thank you Erin for the sweet treats!!! Instead of going out for dinner hubby cooked for us. He made mustard garlic salmon, wild rice and sauteed green beans with soy sauce.  We ended the night with a little cake, self timer and lots of snuggles. Thank you for all the love and wishes!

Here is to an amazing year of good health, lots of love and joy!!

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Superheroes Birthday Party

Sarah and Jacob’s Superheroes Birthday Partyimg_1636-fav

The Theme

Sarah starts talking about her birthday party theme the day after her birthday party. This girl loves birthday parties! Around the end of summer I start asking her for ideas. This year she said she wanted a PJ Masks theme.

I liked where she was going, but suggested we open it up to all superheroes. Then during the holidays we were at our favorite store, Target, when  Sarah spotted a Superman shirt she wanted to get daddy for Chanukah.

From there we came up with the Superman theme for the family.screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-9-54-51-pm

The Venue

I’d love to host the kids birthday parties at our house one day, but without a yard that was not an option this year. So instead we headed to the little park by our home.img_1606


I got most of the decorations from Target this year. They had a nice superhero theme section in their decorations aisle. I also got this banner. 18807449Food

Sarah is not a big pizza fan (or a fan of a lot of different food these days), but she does love hot dogs. We had hot dogs and chips. We unfortunately ran out of drinks :(


Since the Costco cake was such a hit last year we decided to order it again.img_1624We sang Happy Birthday to Jacob too who had his own mini cake.img_6406

Since it was Uncle David’s birthday a few days before, we had a little cupcake for him to blow out as well. img_1611img_1617-favActivities

There was a make your own mask coloring station which the kids really got into.img_1622-mask-table

Masks // tablecloth // cups // signimg_1577img_1542img_5936I loved seeing their creativity.

We also had a ball pit and some baby toys for the babies.img_1572


Since Sarah loves dressing up I knew I needed a special outfit for her birthday.

I started by getting her this gorgeous cape from my friend’s etsy shop. img_2451

Then I got her this shirt and a red tutu from here.

Hubby had the idea of having Sarah enter the party on his motorbike with her cape flying around.img_1522img_1534Jacob also had a mini cape that Velcro on his shirt.img_1552 img_1551

I love that her friends dressed in theme too.img_1584-fav


We had a pinata that unfortunately got knocked down after the 3rd person. It was filled with toys and trinkets.img_1688 img_1687img_1686

Sarah loved running around in her cape! At the end of the party she said, “I had the best day ever!” And truly, that’s all that matters.img_1720-favimg_1729-fav

 Thank you to all of our family and friends for making Sarah’s 5th birthday and Jacob’s 1st birthday party so special.

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Fancy Dinner

Ever since this post I’ve been wanting to host a fancy dinner for my friends.

However we never got around to finish decorating our place and the calendar was always booked up. I decided to stop making excuses  and just plan the dinner.

Thanks to these girls my fancy dinner was a huge success!IMG_1294 - favIt was a perfect occasion to bring out my china, stemware and silverware. IMG_1289I focused my menu on Jewish food and some of my favorites. 1610020_10207758493194240_1813200495409009279_n

Thanks to my friend, Stacee for taking all the food pictures. I totally forgot to take pictures before my guests arrived. saladsRecipe can be found here.dipsRecipe can be found here.soup fishRecipe can be found here. chickenRecipe can be found here. potato kugelRecipe can be found here.veggiesRecipe can be found here. fruit platterHaving my friends over for dinner was so much fun!

Looking forward to making this an annual event.

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday {2016}

I love celebrating little events and getting crafty with the kids. So when Dr. Seuss’ birthday showed up on my calendar I started planning his celebration.

We started the celebrations at the library for story time and crafts with friends. IMG_4846We even got to meet some of his beloved characters.  IMG_4853 - favAs a breakfast lover we decided to take one of Dr. Seuss’ famous books and turn it into a meal.  Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.04.11 PM  However since we keep kosher and don’t eat ham we decided to go with the color green.

Our menu:

Spinach eggs, cucumbers, pesto Gouda, spinach and fruit smoothies.  IMG_5032IMG_5037IMG_5029IMG_5034IMG_5036The kiddos wore their hats and we sat down to eat breakfast for dinner. IMG_5022    IMG_5035My kiddos loved the green birthday party!! IMG_5033Jacob was too busy eating his green food to take a picture. IMG_5028   Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Thank you for writing such fun books.

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