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Oshrat’s Bridal Shower

After our fun weekend in Palm Springs for Oshrat’s Bachelorette, it was time to plan her bridal shower.

The Theme

Come have tea with the bride to be!

After checking in with Oshrat, she told us she wanted a tea party with navy blue and blush as her color scheme. So my mom, my sister Germaine and I came up with beautiful tea party for the lovely bride-to-be.

The Venue

July in Florida is just gross so we opted for an inside event. My sister’s new house was the perfect spot. Her hubby moved the furniture and we set up shop with long tables in the living room.

The Decorations

After creating a Pinterest board we put a few our ides into fruition. Like this doily wrapped rose gold silverware. plates // rose gold silverware // doilies Scalloped napkins // tea cupsThe table as you walked in included favors and some more decor. The sweet bride even made that F with pink flowers.

  G got this cute make your banner that we put on top of the dessert table. tea picks // create your own banner

The Food

Going with my sister’s tea party theme we spent the majority of the day making mini sandwiches. We made egg salad, cucumber and cream cheese, strawberry jam and cream cheese, smoked lox on cream cheese, PB & J.The dessert table consisted of mini scones, muffins, doughnut holes and mini bundlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

tea picks // banner // cake stand

The drink station included water with strawberries, Pimms tea, pink lemonade with blueberries and sweet tea. beverage dispenser // straws // drink tags // cups


We made a photo wall from paper fans. One of Oshrat’s bridesmaids bought some props and we had our very own photo booth.

navy fans // rose gold fans

Testing out the photo wall with the bride-to-be!

We also played two games. Oshrat’s favorite was when we asked Matt some questions about Osh. Favors

We had a local mama make these cookies. They were not only gorgeous they were tasty too!

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My Little Pony Birthday Party

After planning 6 Pinterest style parties for Sarah I decided I was ready for a turn key birthday party this year. So when she told us she wanted to have her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s we said done and done!

We made reservations, bought a few party items and showed up! It was amazing!! The Theme

Sarah is really into anything to do with ponies and unicorns right now. I voted for unicorns but she wanted My Little Pony so MLP it was. My favorite evite site, Punchbowl even had our theme. I made a quick invite and sent it out. Even though Chuck E. Cheese’s comes with their own tableware I decided to buy tablecloth and plates (cups were not allowed) to tie into her My Little Pony theme. I surprised her with a My Little Pony headband she wanted. She was really excited about it!The Cake

I went by our local grocery store the week before and picked out a #7 My Little Pony themed cake. I decided to pick a cupcake cake so that way it was one less thing to do at the party. Best idea ever! Activities

The kids ran in and out of the party room for lunch and then cake. Each of her friends got a Play Card to use while playing games. Little bro got in on the action too. What really sold her on having a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s is the ticket tank. Something only the guest of honor gets to do when you book a party. She was so excited!!! She not only got a ton of tickets, but she also found the golden ticket!!


While out shopping one day Sarah spotted this unicorn dress. I thought it was adorable! It wasn’t MLP, but fit perfect as cute party dress.Favors

I wanted something very simple this year so while at Target one day I saw these My Little Pony sets. It included a pen, notebook, eraser and stickers. Perfect for my little girl who loves to doodle. I kinda, sorta, missed having a Pinterest birthday party, but I also really enjoyed how easy everything was. The most important part was that she had a good time and seeing from these pics below it looks like she did!

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Dr. Seuss’ Birthday {2018}

Every Spring I try to find a way to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss published over 60 books during his career, which have spawned numerous adaptations, including 11 television specials, four feature films, a Broadway musical, and four television series.

The reason I celebrate his birthday is to instill a love of reading in my kids. So every year on March 2nd we celebrate the silly author on the annual date for National Read Across America Day, an initiative on reading created by the National Education Association.

We started the celebrations with a visit to Barnes & Noble with friends Greyson and Remy for a Dr. Seuss themed story time.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thanks for the fun props Ms. Kathy. In the past we celebrated with breakfast, but with busy mornings and busy weekends we decided to change it up a little bit and host a Dr. Seuss brinner (breakfast for dinner) for his birthday. We kept the menu simple; green eggs, green cheese, hash browns and smoothies.

The cheese was Gouda pesto cheese from Trader Joe’s.The green eggs were spinach, eggs, a splash of milk and salt and pepper.The smoothies were spinach, peach, banana and a splash of milk. For dessert we used Sarah’s cake she made in baking class a few days before and even stuck a candle in it. I love celebrating life with my family and I like it even more when it involves learning and food.   

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Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Thank you for writing such fun books.

Germaine’s Bridal Shower

As Maid of Honor I had the privilege of planning my sister, Germaine’s bridal shower in my hometown, Florida. Along with my mom and other sister, Oshrat we planned a lovely afternoon.(And no we didn’t plan to both wear floral dresses with red flowers.)

But then mother nature took over and hurricane Irma came through 10 days earlier. Airline tickets were booked, invites were sent and food plans were made. I tried calling the airline, but they didn’t care so we pulled through and did our best.

South Florida was a mess! From trees and debris blocking the streets to stores being closed or completely empty. It was quite the adventure.Big thanks to my dad for driving us around town! I know how much you missed all of our shenanigans.Turns out the elevators to the building where we were hosting the bridal shower didn’t work. There wasn’t an oven like we thought there would be in the room and then half way through the bridal shower the air conditioning stopped working in the room.

But then you see pictures like this and remember how fun you had showering your baby sis.

The beautiful bride.The sisters.

My family.

The girl cousins (on my dads side). My mom, bride and MIL.Our theme was gold, peach, and marble. We had different accents through out the room. Our table setting was modeled after my sister pinned this onto her board.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of just our tables, but at least I got a picture of the bride in front of it all.Germaine’s fiance loves candy so we had a candy buffet for him and the guests.As each guest was leaving they got to fill up a bag of candy. Happy bridal shower, G! Love you!

Choo Choo Birthday Party

After having a combined birthday party for Jacob’s 1st birthday, I knew I wanted to make his 2nd birthday party special.

The Theme

Jacob is big fan of all types of trains. From Thomas the Train to trolleys he loves anything that resemble a choo choo. Coming up with the theme was easy, Choo Choo I’m Two. 

The Venue

Jacob loves the park and going nad-nad (swinging in Hebrew) on the swing. There are a few parks by our house, but with different age groups attending the party we went for the park that had two different play structures. This way all ages can play.  The Decorations

Target, the best store ever, had everything we needed. We went with Thomas’ bold colors of red and blue.

The Food

I didn’t want to have to worry about delivery or picking up food. So we made a simple build your own pulled chicken sandwich station with potato salad and a green salad (oops I forgot to take any pictures).

  We also had snacks and fruit traffic signals skewers to munch on. The Cake

I ordered cupcakes form the bakery in our grocery store (love their stuff!) and arranged the cupcakes into a number two.Activities

Hubby and grandpa made a duct tape train track. Jacob loved riding his Thomas on the track.  Sister, Sarah, enjoyed it too!We also had a train track taped to a table so the kids can play with different size trains.The Outfit

A mama friend at Stitches in the Sun made Jacob’s special birthday shirt. It was bright, colorful and had a choo choo. Jacob was a big fan!The Favors

To go with the train theme, each kid got a train conductor hat and a scarf.Jacob however was not interested in either piece. :( Luckily big sister, Sarah and some friends were.

Thank you to everyone who made his birthday a special day.

Happy 2nd birthday to my little guy!

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Show & Tell Tuesday – Parties

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Grown Up Parties.

Which fits perfectly as I recently added a Parties tab to my homepage. I love hosting and I love getting dressed up. So planning parties is lot’s of fun for me. I think I love it so much, because I’m in mom mode and mom clothes most of the time. So hosting or going out and getting all dolled up is fun.

I hosted a “fancy” dinner for my friends. I used my china, stemware and even our linens. I cooked all the food and set the table. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the finished table. :(

See more pics here.

My friend Nicole and I hosted a pajama themed Holiday Party at her place. See more here.

We celebrated Mardi Gras one year with a little outdoor dinner. See more here.

I also host most of the Jewish holidays at our place. The most recent holiday was Passover.Through out the years I’ve learned that pretty paper plates and napkins can be just fun and just as nice as china (well, sometimes…). I still prefer the real thing, but clean up was so much easier.

To see more parties I’ve hosted click here.

Happy Tuesday!

Shopkins Birthday Party

We had no plans to throw Miss Sarah a 6th birthday party this year. After all a Disneyland vacation was her birthday “party”. But after we attended a few birthday parties from kids in our neighborhood, Sarah really wanted a party too. We compromised and organized a small neighborhood party with a few friends from school.

Well then I got run over and things came to a halt.

After hibernating for a few days, I got some energy and planned a little birthday party for my girl.

Sarah’s 6th Birthday PartyThe Theme

Sarah loves playing with figurines. Lately she’s been a fan of the Shopkins figurines. So after a little Pinterest search (I really had no clue what these things were all about) we came up with a food themed Shopkins birthday party.

The Venue

Since the invite list consisted of mostly neighborhood kids we knew we wanted to do it in the grassy area in our neighborhood.

The Decorations

Thanks to Targets $1 bin I found some super cute items to decorate the lawn. The rest of the items came from Amazon (hooray for prime membership!).


Unfortunately, I didn’t have it in me to bake or cook anything like I normally do. So Sarah and I went to the grocery store the day of the party and bought all the food.

Unfortunately someone else had my camera so I didn’t get pictures of all the food. :(


Like the food, I was in no condition to bake a birthday cake like I have done in the past. I picked up the phone and called the our local grocery stores bakery department and ordered a cookie cake to go with the theme.

Fun fact: The candle broke as I was taking it out of the package. With no time to get another candle, I hot glued it back together. #momwin


To go with the “Kooky Cookie” theme we had a cookie decorating station. We also had a super fun doughnut eating contest to go with our “Delish Doughnut” theme. 

We ended the afternoon with a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.


I always like to get the birthday girl a special outfit. I try to get her something special, but something that she’ll wear again. My friend Stacee said I should check the kids department at Kohls. I’m so glad that I did! They had lot’s of choices to pick from. I got her this dress. Favors

The kids got to “shop” the treat table, but in hindsight I should have hidden some of the candy. The kids went bananas as soon as they saw the treat table. Thank you to my sweet friends for coming early and setting up. We couldn’t have put this party together without your love and help.

Happy 6th birthday my love!

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