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Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites!


Jacob and I ditched school yesterday to meet up with my cousin who is in town from Florida. We spent the day in LA, eating cupcakes, and going out to lunch. Spending time with him is my FAVORITE.TWO

We spent the afternoon a friends house baking cupcakes. Watching these kids giggle was my FAVORITE.THREE

I saw this on Facebook the other day and laughed. Putting gas in my car is NOT my FAVORITE. I’m definitely the one on the right. FOUR

I love cooking for my family, but I don’t love how much time some dishes take. Thanks to my Whole 30 plan my kitchen is being worked overtime. Luckily I found some new shortcuts to make dinner easier. Definitely a new FAVORITE!


My friend recently gave birth to a super cute baby boy. So I brought my FAVORITE breakfast over to her house and met the baby. SIX

The other day we were going out to dinner when Sarah noticed we were all wearing vests. So we got hubby to grab a picture and made a mental note that we need to get hubby one too. Twining with my kiddos is my FAVORITE.SEVEN

Weekly Facetime with my nieces and nephews is my FAVORITE. I so wish they lived closer. :(Happy Friday, friends!

How We {January}

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything for their monthly series called, How We… This month we are talking about goals and resolutions.

I’m not the kind of girl that makes New Year resolutions, instead I make monthly goals. I have a never ending to do list on my fridge, in my phone and in my planner.

I also have daily goals that I try to meet.

I also have other goals like a summer bucket list and a fall bucket list.Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer Bucket List 2015

Fall Bucket List 2017

How do you stay organized through out the year? Please share below.

Recap of 2017

Every year I write a recap reflecting the past year.

Check out previous years below.

2016 // 2015 // 2014 // 2013 // 2012

It’s been quite the year! We started the year with Sarah’s second set of ear tubes and adenoids removal surgery. Then Sharon and Jacob were walking in a cross walk and got hit by a car.  Hubby rounded out our hospital visits with an emergency spine fusion surgery for a ruptured disc. It was a tough first half of the year, but we are thankful to have family and friends who were there for us.

Sarah is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. Sarah can now read chapter books! It’s so fun listening to her sound out store signs, trucks and road signs. We now have to find other ways to communicate while the kids are around.

Jacob is 2 years old and attends a two-day co-op mommy and me program with me. He also attends a weekly gymnastics class and can do a forward roll at any given moment.

Mama Chit Chat recently celebrated it’s 5th birthday! I’ve gotten to review a lot of fun things with 16 sponsor opportunities this year.

 Here are some of my favorite highlights from 2017.


We started the year off with a visit to Lake Arrowhead for some fun in the snow. Hubby and I took our first little getaway to San Diego for a friend’s wedding. My sweet Sarah had another ear tube surgery and her adenoids removed.My sister and her boyfriend fiance came for a visit.{February}

We celebrated Tubishvat with a love tree.We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a trip to the movies with our friends.We made cards for hospitalized kids. My friend Melissa came to town for a visit.{March}

We celebrated Purim as the Incredibles.Sarah turned 6! We celebrated with a Shopkins themed birthday party.We took the kiddos to Disneyland for the first time!{April}

Jacob turned 2! We celebrated with a Thomas The Train themed birthday party.

We celebrated Passover with friends. We had a busy Spring Break that ended with a visit to the Farm.{May}

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the neighbors. We celebrated Mother’s Day in Malibu.

I attended my sister’s bachlorette weekend in Mexico.{June}

The kids and I went to LA for their Museum of Ice Cream exhibit.My Sister, Oshrat came for a visit. The moms and I participated in the Color Run! Sarah attended a new camp and got to take the yellow bus!{July}

We celebrated 4th of July with friends.

We had one day left on our pass so I took the kids to Disneyland with our friends.I took the kids on our annual trip to Florida.{August}

Sarah started 1st grade!We celebrated hubby’s birthday with a little minion party. We attended the last summer concert in the park.


Sarah and I took a trip to Montana! It didn’t go according to plan, but instead we got a lot of bonding time.My sweet niece Miri and her mom came for a visit.I went back to Florida for my sister’s bridal shower.We celebrated Rosh Hashanah at a friends house.{October}

Oshrat came for another visit and we got to do a lot of fun stuff.We celebrated Sukkot at festival with lots of yummy food.We celebrated Halloween with a cookie and fire truck.{November}

My sister finally got married in a farytail wedding. We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary by staying in the same hotel we stayed in on our wedding night!


I celebrated my 36th birthday with family and friends.We celebrated Chanukah with 8 crazy nights. We ended the year with lot’s of fun activities like pancakes and PJ’s over Winter Break.Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my blog this year! It means so much to me!
Wishing you a healthy, joyful and successful 2018!

Color Inspiration {December 2017}

I’m linking up with my friend, Whitney for our monthly Color Inspiration.

If you blogged too make sure you link up at the bottom of the post!

This month we are talking all things SILVER.


Ahhh my sister is engaged! This might be my favorite SILVER this month! TWO

I got this super cute candle for my birthday this year. I love the SILVER tag and the Hebrew message. THREE

Sarah picked up this SILVERlicious book from the school library this month. We love the Pinkalicious series!


The sky has been grey/SILVER here in So Cal from all the fires :( FIVE

Visiting the senior home is our favorite. These SILVER haired ladies love our visits.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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Scarf Exchange {2017}

Last week my moms group got together for our annual Scarf Exchange.I just love these girls!!

It’s a really fun casual night in. Everyone comes dressed in PJ’s, brings a wrapped scarf and appetizer/dessert to share.  

Nicole made super yummy gingerbread martinis!

Normally after our exchange we just nibble some more and hang out, but this time I brought out some games. According to Pinterest these games are called Reindeer Games.

Let It Snow

Supplies Needed: Plastic spoons, cups, cotton balls, and bowls
Give each player a plastic spoon and a cup full of cotton balls. On the other side of the room, place an empty bowl for each player. Players must race to get 10 cotton balls from the cup to the bowl on the other side of the room, using just the plastic spoon. The plastic spoon must be held in the player’s mouth. If they drop a cotton ball, they should leave it and go back and get another one. 

Marshmallow Chopsticks

Supplies Needed: Mini marshmallows and chopsticks

How many marshmallows can you pick with chopsticks in one minute.

Snowman Drawing Game

Supplies Needed: Marker and paper plates

The host tells the players to place their paper plate on their head. Once everyone is ready with their plates on their heads, the host will give a series of instructions:

  1. Draw a line for the ground/snow
  2. Draw a large snowball for the base of your snowman.
  3. Create a medium sized snowball on top of the first one.
  4. Cap your snowman with a small snowball for the head.
  5. Draw a carrot nose.
  6. Now add 2 eyes and a mouth with dots of coal.
  7. Draw a scarf to keep your snowman warm
  8. Add 2 stick arms
  9. Finally, finish your snowman by drawing a top hat on your snowman’s head.

Now that the drawings are complete, place all the snowmen on the table to admire.  You can totally tell that you were all attempting to draw a snowman, however they are all a little goofy looking.  

Candy Cane Catch

Supplies Needed: ribbon, chairs, and candy canes
Tie a piece of ribbon or twine from one post or chair to another. Players must stand on top of the chairs and try to be the first to drop a candy cane from the chair onto the ribbon and get it to stay there. Play until who gets the most in a minute.

2016 – At a restaurant. 2015 – Fondue style.See more here.

2014 – Our first exchange!Such a fun tradition!

What’s Up Wednesday {December 2017}

I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Monday – Sweet potato and chicken stew

Tuesday – Chanukah event/out

Tuesday – Meatballs and roasted broccoli and mushrooms

Wednesday – I’m going out so it’s hubby’s choice.

Thursday – Leftovers/Pasta

Friday – A friend’s house

Saturday & Sunday – Out

What I’m reminiscing about…

My sisters magical wedding! 

What I’m loving…

Watching these cuties play.What we’ve been up to…

December has been super busy! My sister, Osh got engaged! 

We celebrated Chanukah! Attended LA Zoo Lights.Celebrated my 36th birthday with doughnuts in bed!Neighborhood holiday party. Attended my friends gingerbread house decorating party. Rode the Holiday Lights Train Ride.Took Sarah on a mommy and me date to the Nutcracker. Ice Skating with friends. Hosted a cookie decorating play date. What I’m dreading…


What I’m working on…

Cleaning out my home. I have had the donation trcuk come 3x this past couple of months and I still can find more to donate! Ugh!

What I’m excited about…

Morse visits to Florida as we plan our sister, Oshrat’s wedding!!!What I’m watching/reading…

The last season of Fixer Upper. Going to miss Chip and Jo.

What I’m listening to…

Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld

What I’m wearing…

I’ve been loving all the cute Chanukah gear out this year!

What I’m doing this weekend…

Celebrating Christmas in China Town. See what we did last year hereWhat I’m looking forward to next month…

Going with my friends to Candytopia. Can’t wait! If its anything like our Museum of Ice Cream visit then I know it’s going to be fun.What else is new…

We got an Alexa and are big fans! Anybody else an Alexa fan?Question of the month is: What is the best gift you ever given the guy in your life?

A local mama engraves hammers so I ordered one for hubby this year. It’s become the BEST gift! I am planning to order more for the men in our life. Happy Wednesday!

My Birthday {2017}

I love celebrating birthdays. After all the day you came into this earth should be recognized.

The night before my birthday I met up with my friends for dinner and drinks.We each got a flight of wine and shared a cheese board.   Those baked pears were divine!A few friends had to leave and few other friends came by. For dessert I got the chocolate mouse cake (and a candle). Mmmm, it was delicious!   After dinner we walked over to a bar for some karaoke.

Thank you girls for the fun night out!!

The next day I woke up to doughnuts from kiddos.Hubby took Sarah to school while J and I cuddled in bed. Hubby came back home with the best gift ever, a latte from Starbucks. #thewaytomyheart Jacob didn’t like the doughnut he got, but instead he wanted some of mine. I turned around and the whole top was gone! #Iwasgoingtoeatthat

Shortly after my sweet sister, Germaine sent me some pretty yellow flowers. Thanks love!

J and I got ready and spent the rest of the morning with our favorite seniors. Every other Friday Jacob and I volunteer at the senior home. We deliver Shabbat packages put together by the Sunshine Club. It’s a great program to get your kids to volunteer. And the look on the seniors home is my favorite!  Such joy!We napped, picked up Sarah, and played outside the rest of the afternoon.

For dinner hubby cooked. He made mustard chicken, sauteed green beans and rice. For dessert the kids brought the yummiest Oreo mousse cake. Thank you to my family and friends for making my birthday so special.

To see previous birthdays click below:

2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012

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