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Jacob is 3!

My little man is 3 years old! He’s sweet, gentle, kind, likes playing with anything with wheels and gives the best hugs! Randomly through out the day he will run up to us to tell us he loves us and then gives us a kiss. He is just the sweetest little toddler!

Anytime daddy fixes something around the house, Jacob can be found running to his own set of tools to do “working” with daddy. Watching hubby work on his car is also his favorite.He’s a mamas boy! He rather play on me then play on the floor, snuggle with me then sit alone on the couch and all around a big love.

Bis Sis: He’s a big fan of Sarah! He’s loves playing “samily” (family) with her and doesn’t mind when she dresses him. He tries to do what Sarah is doing. If she’s on her bike, he wants to be on his bike, if she’s on her scooter, he wants to be on his scooter, etc… However when Sarah is playing in her room she’s not his biggest fan. Therefore he likes to go in her room while she’s at school and play with her Shopkins. Weight: 28 lbs Height: 3′ 0.8″

Clothing Size: Just this month he outgrew 18-24 month clothes due to length. 2t fits him well now. He’s tiny, but mighty!

Diaper Size: Size 5, but planning on potty training him this month.

Food: Jacob loves drinking milk! He goes into the fridge several times a day to get his sippy cup of milk. Jacob has always eaten smaller portions. He prefers eating 1-2 meals a day. Doc said it’s ok as long as he’s growing. He loves “brown side chicken” aka shnitzel, broccoli, granola bars and ice pops.

Sleeping: Jacob still naps once a day for 2-3 hours. He wakes up around 7:30 am. He falls asleep most days in the car due to big sister, Sarah‘s schedule. And I just about melt every time I see those long lashes on his cheeks. Luckily Jacob can be transferred into his crib and even the stroller if we are not ready to go home.

Milestones: Jacob has recently learned how to ride a bike. So we got him a Lighting McQueen bike for his birthday!Likes: Lighting McQueen, Thomas the Train, Super Wings and Poli. He loves making his vehicles talk to each other.

Dislikes: He still doesn’t like bugs or animals. He’s not scared, he’s just not drawn to them like big sis is. He also doesn’t like when his hands are dirty and asks for a wipe right away. He was little sad in this picture when the wipe wasn’t doing the trick. School/Classes: Jacob and I go twice a week to mommy and me. He also does gymnastics once a week and swim lessons start later this month. Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Jacob at this age. He’s not a fan of the man bun, but this mama swoons when I can get him to wear one.

Happy 3rd birthday my love! Thank you for your big heart and your warm hugs!

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Sarah turns 7!

This past week our girl turned 7!She is spunky, silly, messy, inquisitive, loves the outdoors and has the sweetest laugh. She likes to lead her friends and has no problem laughing at her mistakes. She is the first one to try something and the last one to do it because she doesn’t want it to end. She likes finding “friends” in the dirt and bringing them inside to show me. Riding her bike, with smudgy glasses and dirty hands and shoes is living her best life.Sarah and I used to have a deal were she was able to dress herself for school and I would dress her on the weekends. Well the weekends have been more and more about what she wants to wear and less about my choices. We call her outfits Sarah Style. She prefers flowy dresses, layers, jewelry (especially chokers) and big bows or headbands. It’s cute most of the time, but then are days that she looks like a hot mess. Recently she’s been telling me she wants to be a fashion designer one day so she can “dress herself all the time”. She even drew this outfit for me one day. Dream big my love!Sarah loves the idea of make up and can often be found fully covered in it. For example she recently went to a party where she did her own “make up”.She doesn’t love to sit down for homework, but does well in school. She has recently been reading chapter books and hearing her read is just so beautiful. Sarah has a lot of friends in class and is constantly asking to make play dates.

Sarah loves to draw and can often be found doodling.Sarah is our flower child. I’m convinced she was a hippie in her past life. She likes living in her owe pace, with her bug friends outside under the sun. Schedules and commitments are not her thing. She started numerous classes this year and then gave up after only a few weeks. She wants to be a free bird, which makes me worried for her teen years.

Sarah loves her brother, but only in small doses. She loves reading to him and playing with him, but when we tries to touch her figurines she’s over him.6 years old was hard, but I’m hopeful our bond will be even more stronger at age 7 and that she will always want to dress like twins.As our tradition goes we asked Sarah for a few of her favorite things. Here is what she said.

Favorite color: pink and purple

Favorite show: My Little Pony and Care Bears

Favorite sweat treat: Kinder eggs

Favorite food: Mac & cheese and sushi

Favorite vegetable: Avocado

Favorite fruit: Blackberries (girl can finish a container in one sitting!)

Favorite activity to do outside: Ride my bike with my friends and look for bugs

Favorite activity to do inside: Watch a show on the iPad, play with Shopkins and LOL dolls.

Happy 7th birthday my sweet love! Have courage and be kind.

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What’s Up Wednesday {March 2018}

 I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Monday – Out for Sarah’s birthday dinner. I love my sushi loving girl!Tuesday – Chicken Parmesan with out the parm. Wednesday – With Passover in a few days we thought we would put our Groupon to good use and eat all the carbs.

Thursday – Out/School event

Friday & Saturday – Passover Seder

What I’m reminiscing about…

The time my kids were born! With both of them born in the Spring and only a week apart I get very nostalgic in March. What I’m loving…

I’m the kind of mom that enjoys it when my kids are on break. The lazy mornings, the break in our schedules and alarms, and all the extra fun we have being together. So far I’ve taken Jacob to the farm with friends hosted a play date and hiked with friends. Sarah starts her Spring Break this Friday.What we’ve been up to…

We just celebrated Sarah’s 7th birthday. We had a little party for her at Chuck E Cheese and then took her to sushi for her birthday dinner.

What I’m dreading…

Potty training Jacob!!! Ugh my worst parenting task. What I’m working on…

Planning Jacob’s 3rd birthday and hair cut ceremony. He wants a Lighting McQueen birthday party.What I’m excited about…

Going to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. Ahh no cooking, no cleaning, lot’s of yummy food, laying by the pool…ahhh bliss!What I’m watching/reading…

What I’m listening to…

Flames by David Guetta and Sia

What I’m wearing…

It’s been warm this week so I’m in short sleeve shirts.

What I’m doing this weekend…

It’s Passover on Friday so we will be attending and hosting dinners. See what we did last year here.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

My mama is coming to town! She’s coming for Jacob’s hair cut ceremony and I can’t wait to hang out with her! The last time she was here was when she came to visit with my dad in 2016!

What else is new…

I’m working on closing all of my rings on my iWatch. It’s much easier on yoga days.Question of the month is: What’s your favorite Easter Passover tradition? Spending time with family and friends.Happy Wednesday!

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites.


Hubby and I went to a wedding this week. Hanging out with him is my FAVORITE.TWO

Sarah was the Star Student last week. She brought home her poster and asked for a picture with it. Between the wind and the rolled up poster we had some laughs getting this picture. Laughing with my kids is my FAVORITE.THREE

I’ve been feeling pretty blah this week so when hubby told me he was running behind at work I asked my friend, Erin to watch my kiddos while I go to my Yoga class. Yoga is my FAVORITE. Thank you Erin I owe you one!FOUR

We played with bubbles this week at Mommy and Me. Seeing the kids running around trying to catch the bubbles was super sweet. These little moments with Jacob are my FAVORITE. FIVE

Brunch is my FAVORITE meal of the day. So after I volunteered in Sarah’s class I took myself out to brunch. I got a power grain bowl with 2 fried eggs, harissa sauce, and sauteed kale. Yum!! Happy Friday, friends!

Father Daughter Dance {2018}

Last year when Sarah was in Kindergarten I got a save the date for the Father Daughter Dance, but unfortunately we already had plans to be in Florida and couldn’t make it. She found out after the fact and was really bummed.

This year I had my flight booked to Portland when I got the email. Now that she’s older and can read the bulletins at school she expressed that she really wanted to go. So we hired a sitter and got her outfit ready for the dance. I really wanted to be there, do her hair and to see her off, but hubby was totally capable. He even dealt with a plan B dress and did her hair!

My loves!Hubby sent me the cutest pictures throughout the night. He even sent me this little gem of a video.

They had so much fun!

They took pictures in the photo booth, hung out with friends and took a group picture.

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites.


Starting the week off after an amazing trip to Portland was not easy. Being a stay at home mama to this little guy makes things easier. Shh don’t tell Sarah, he’s my FAVORITE. ;)


I haven’t been feeling well this week, but I decided to go to Yoga anyways. My class was not easy, but seeing my stats on my watch was my FAVORITE.


I grabbed a bar of Moonstruck 68% dark chocolate while I was at Powell’s Books. This has definitely been a FAVORITE this week.  FOUR

Sarah finished school this week at 12:15 pm due to parent teacher conferences. So I decided to take both kiddos out for lunch on Friday. Hanging out with them is my FAVORITE. Soon they will be to old to hang out with their mama.


I’m down for the count. My throat hurts, my body aches and my energy is way down. Hoping my FAVORITE Jewish penicillin helps this mama out!Happy Friday, friends!

What’s Up Wednesday {February 2018}

I’m linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for some random monthly fun.

What we’re eating this week…

Monday: Brinner (breakfast for dinner)Tuesday: Schnitzel and riceWednesday: Sloppy joes on baked potato

Thursday: Out – Purim Carnival

Friday- Sunday: Out of town

What I’m reminiscing about…

Lake Arrowhead with my family. Due to barely any snow this year we decided not to go this year. I miss our annual winter vacation. What I’m loving…

I love yoga, but I don’t love the gym. For months now I keep saying how I’m going to look for a class, then I found one and it was canceled due to low enrollment. Ugh! Then I got an email from the teacher that her co-worker has a few openings. So on Thursday evenings for next couple of weeks if you need me, I’ll be here. What we’ve been up to…

There is so so much going on! I’m always working on something. My to do list is always never ending. We just finished celebrating Purim and now it’s time for Passover. What I’m dreading…

Summer in Florida. Even though I love love going to Florida I don’t love the weather. We have two trips planned this year for my sisters wedding and its going to be gross. What I’m working on…

Oshrat’s bachlorette! We’re going to Palm Springs to celebrate! Can’t wait!!What I’m excited about…

We recently went to a really fun family outing. We attended a Harlem Globetrotters game. The kids were entertained and us adults loved the tricks too!What I’m watching/reading…

My kids have been watching Care Bears recently and I just love it. Talk about old school! It reminds me of those Share Bears I got when I was a kid. What I’m listening to…

Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld

What I’m wearing…

February has been crazy! One minute I’m wearing shorts and the next minute I’m wearing boots. What I’m doing this weekend…

Celebrating my friend, Melissa’s 40th birthday in Portland! I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. What I’m looking forward to next month…

My baby girl is turning 7! Where has the time gone!!?What else is new…

We recently went to a Sustainability Festival and the kids got to go inside a trash truck!! My kids love and wait for the trash truck to come every week. They were so excited!Question of the month is: What is your favorite Spring Break vacation?

Spring Break usually falls on Passover so we don’t travel during the holiday. Last year we hosted a dinner for our sweet friends.Happy Wednesday!

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