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Show & Tell Tuesday – Holiday Decor

Show and Tell Tuesdays pt 1

I’m liking up with Andrea and Erika for Show and Tell Tuesdays. I’m a bit late. But that’s life right now.

The theme this week…Holiday Decor.

Since we celebrate Chanukah we don’t go all out and decorate the house like most people, but thanks to America for branching out we have some decorations we put up each December.

Last year I shared my Chanukah decorations here and since then we’ve added a few things.img_3469

We each have our own menorah. Jacob has the one made out of foam (that my mom got for Sarah a couple of years ago), Sarah has the one she made in preschool and hubby and I light one as well.

I put all of our Chanukah books together in a magazine holder.

The beautiful Happy Hanukah sign in blue was made by my friend, Stacee and a gift for my birthday this year.

Finally, Mensh on the Bench came out to visit.img_3453img_3455

Last year my mother in law got Jacob his own cloth menorah.img_3452Our table is lightly decorated with a big driedel shaped cookie jar, driedel shaped spice shakers and different types and sized driedels. img_3457img_3458We have a a couple towels hanging in the kitchen.img_3462A banner on the staircase.img_3466A sign on door.img_3465And our family favorite, cards and pictures from our family and friends. Right now I have my birthday cards mixed with the cards we received below the counter, but as soon as my birthday is done I will remove them. img_3473Do you decorate your home? Please link up with us.

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Happy Tuesday!


Let’s Talk: Holiday Traditions

let's talkThis month we are talking about…Holiday Traditions.

There are a few things we like to do during the winter months, a few have become tradition.

Let It Snow event at the Four Seasons.img_4604 img_2590 img_3718img_3227

Decorate our living room. More pics can be found here.img_0826 Build a gingerbread Chanukah house.11202647_10156368459635571_8038254856966078685_nSend and receive holiday cards.cardsimg_3064Light the Menorah.img_0776img_0864  We host Chanukah brunch. img_3014We drive around looking for lights after dinner. I think this year we are going to add hot cocoa to the mix.img_1101

Holiday gift exchange party with my mommy group.img_0900

Parade of Lights at our friends house.img_3304Drive to Lake Arrowhead and play with snow.img_4434 img_4547

New things we are going to try:

Ride the trolley in town.

 Parade of Lights at the harbor.

Visit The Grove at night.

What are your holiday traditions? Any fun family traditions? I’d love to try new things. Please comment below.


Thanksgiving {2016}

This year Sarah had a whole week off of school for Thanksgiving break. Therefore I made sure to have fun things planed.

I’ve missed playing with our friends and hanging out with her during the week.

We started the break on Friday with a craft play date with our friends Jen, Flynn and Remy. We made toilet paper tube turkeys and snacked on some Thanksgiving flavored snacks. img_4134 img_4135 img_4142img_4133We had our annual family pictures taken. Here is a sneak peek. dsc09650-fav

Hubby took Sarah to the LA Auto Show. So Jacob and I went out to dinner with Stacee and Brayden. img_4176

We had a play date with Sarah’s preschool friend, Mayah.image

Sarah joined Jacob and I for Mommy and Me.img_4212 Our friend Lydia came over to play.img_4214 img_4222Then we made a last minute trip and drove to Vegas! Nothing says Thanksgiving like a trip to Vegas. More about that in a later post.img_5477Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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Halloween {2016}

I always enjoyed celebrating Halloween, but now that I have kids it’s a lot more fun!

ONE – We started the celebrations with a costume play date with our preschool friends.img_2774   img_2800 img_2803 img_2805img_2833img_2804img_2819img_2820  img_2812 img_2818   img_2822img_2832 img_2830   img_2842img_2853 img_2854 img_2860-fav

TWO – Next up was a potluck party in Jacob’s mommy and me class. We brought boo cheese!img_2875 img_2931 img_2922-fav

THIRD – A Halloween party at Sarah’s ballet studio.img_2806

FOURTH – Halloween potluck play date with our mommy group. We brought cauldron cupcakes (recipe can be found here). img_3524 img_3537-fav 14716066_10210335562493020_2798010522193386421_n

FIFTH – Halloween family costume party at Taylor’s home. img_2949-favimg_2985-fav img_2982 img_2993-fav img_2999-fav img_3013 img_3020-fav img_3043-fav img_3594 img_3051img_3036img_3038-copy

SIXTH – Sarah’s class parade.img_3052 img_3090 img_3119 img_3128 img_3133 img_3137

SEVENTH – Breakfast at IHOP with the family for spooky pancakes.img_5313

EIGHT – Carving pumpkins & s’mores with the neighbors.img_3583 img_3603Ninth – Trick or Treat.img_3670img_3696 img_3676 img_3679img_5321img_5323They even had a professional photographer at one of the houses.  professional  What a fun week! I feel like we celebrated Halloween all month long.

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4th of July {2016}

My family and I love the 4th of July! It’s such a fun and relaxing holiday.

We started celebrating on the 3rd at the annual festival at the park. IMG_9561

The parents set up shop while the kids snacked and played. IMG_9571  IMG_9578IMG_9595 IMG_9750IMG_9748   Each family brought a picnic dinner and something sweet to share. While hubby was waiting in what like felt the longest line everrrrrr for his food the kids and I took a picture. IMG_9573 - fav

Later that evening we took our traditional mom and kid picture. IMG_9588 - fav(To see previous pictures click on the year –> 2015, 2014, 2013.) 

Once it get dark we changed into warm clothes and got cozy with our families. Miss Sarah decided she wanted to sit with her friend Mackenzie. IMG_9674

IMG_9659Jacob absolutely loved the fireworks!! He was mesmerized the ENTIRE time.IMG_9678He even wanted to take his ear protectors off after a few minutes into the fireworks. IMG_9685IMG_9684IMG_9681IMG_9701IMG_9726 IMG_9719

We had so much fun!!

So much, that my daughter who doesn’t fall asleep in the car passed out shortly after we got into the car. That is evidence of a good night. :)IMG_9728The next day we had some preschool friends over for some fun in the pool.IMG_9733 IMG_9741 IMG_9747We hung out by the pool until 5 pm and completely crashed after dinner. 

It was okay though, we got to see plenty of fireworks the night before.

Happy 4th of July friends!

Mother’s Day {2016}

The week started with a lovely breakfast and hike at Sarah’s school.IMG_8604IMG_7255 We even got hand massages! IMG_7230 I loved reading what Sarah had to say about me. Ha ha cucumbers.  IMG_7226Later in the week Jacob made me his first hand print art at mommy and me.Mother's Day ArtDuring our weekly group discussion at Jacob’s mommy and me class last week all the moms shared what they want to do on Mother’s Day vs what they will actually end up doing on Mother’s Day.

After listening to a few stories, it became apparent the moms that were stay at home moms and didn’t have family near by (like me) wanted alone time and the moms who worked and/or had family near by wanted to celebrate the day with their kids and family.

Last year I felt a little selfish, so this year I made alone time plans for the day before. But after our discussion, it all made sense.

I am home with the kiddos all day and every day. Some days I have all my ducks in a row and some days I stare at the clock waiting for hubby to get home (which at times is after bed time).

So this year I made plans for the day with my friend and started counting down towards my special day. Well after two back to back trips my body couldn’t keep up and I got sick. Like a really bad head cold.we_plan_god_laughs

Ha, I thought this proverb fit perfectly.

I gave up and canceled my plans.

I called the highschooler next door, took some medicine and hibernated for a few hours.

I woke up Sunday feeling a bit better. So hubby and the kiddos took me out for breakfast.

I love what a pair of sunglasses and some lip stick can do. IMG_7376IMG_7339

IMG_7380My little goofballs.

I had a super yummy carb filled breakfast, orange marmalade french toast. IMG_7387

After breakfast we headed over to Sprinkles, for their special event. We each got to decorate our own Mother’s Day themed cupcakes. IMG_7392 IMG_7402Our next adventure was a visit to Barnes & Noble for some books and play. IMG_7395I found this adorable book called, Mamasaurus. IMG_7399IMG_7398Book can be found here.
We headed home for naps and some down time.

My sister-in-law is in town for the next few weeks and wanted to meet up at the park. I stayed back while Jacob was napping and hubby took Sarah to the park.

I got to catch up on some shows.IMG_7406We ended the day with a casual dinner with our family, my sister-in-law, her kids and my mother-in-law.

It might not have been my original plan, but it was actually a really really nice Mother’s Day.

Thank you to hubby and the kids for all the cards, gifts and sweet gestures. Also thank you to everyone else who sent me messages, texts and FB posts. You really made me feel special!

This day wouldn’t have been possible without these two kiddos. Sarah meets SharonIMG_4109

Thank you for making me a mama!

– – –

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Purim {2016}

Last week we celebrated a fun Jewish holiday called Purim.

If you were to compare it to an American holiday I would say it’s a mash up of Halloween and Easter.

We dress up in costume and pass out baskets to our friends.

After a theme is picked I buy costumes and basket items that correspond.

In 2015 our theme was Native American.

In 2014 our theme was Despicable Me.

In 2013 our theme was Sesame Street.

Our theme this year was Superheroes. 

IMG_1736 - fav IMG_1738

What really happened this year was I used the kids birthday party (which we celebrated the week before) theme. I added a few things I found around the house to the shirt i wore to their birthday party and called it a day. Sarah’s birthday outfit/costume was too cute not to use again.

Just like previous years we attended our Synagogues Purim Carnival.

After dinner we sat down to watch the magicians juggling act!IMG_5655

Our “baskets” or Mishloach Manot were also Superhero themed.IMG_5668Pow printable can be found here.

I wanted a reusable basket this year so I opted for crayon boxes. Inside was a can of Red Bull “fuel”, a “Superhero” lollipop, “You’re The Balm” chap stick, and “TNT” red vines. IMG_5667  IMG_5672Cape and mask printable can be found here.IMG_5664Printable can be found here.IMG_5663Printable can be found here.

I decided to keep it pretty simple this year. I had a lot going on and couldn’t devote anymore time to our mishloach manot this year. What matters is that Sarah LOVED the boxes and even asked me to make her one.

Happy Purim!

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