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Chanukah {2018}

I’m just now getting around to sorting through my pictures from Chaunkah and it was already one month ago! So here we go…

We welcomed Chanukah with a surprise breakfast!

We had chocolate milk, doughnuts and make your own yogurt parfaits.

We had such a fun morning!

Night #1

Our day started with a visit to our local zoo for their Snow Festival.

Then we headed to Sarah’s Hebrew School for their Chanukah party.

We spent the 1st night at our friends house. However I didn’t get any pictures (which is such a shame since she puts so many details in her parties) accept for Jacob playing dreidel with the other kids at the party.

Night #2

On the 2nd night we went to Chabad’s candle lighting party. Due to the Woolsey fires our community had a special presentation for them. In return they passed out chocolate gelt (gold coins).

Night #3

On the 3rd night we went to Chabad’s kids program at a local play place. We learned how to make olive oil from pressed olives, played and ate sufganiyot.

Night #4

Earlier in the day, I picked my order of munchkins from Dunkin Doughnuts. Did you know DD makes special munchkins for Chanukah?

On the 4th night we had our neighbors over for dinner. I made our favorite latkes bar

Night #5

On the 5th night we stayed in and had baked mac & cheese. I found these cute Chanukah shaped noodles at Homegoods.

Night #6

We stared the day in Jacob’s class for a Chanukah party. The kids danced, made crafts and we sat down for sufganiyot and coffee.

The 6th night was also Shabbat. I loved seeing my table lit up!

Night #7

The 7th night was also my 37th birthday! We stared the morning with doughnuts in bed (our family tradition) and then headed to downtown LA to play with snow at Snow Day LA.

Night #8

We started the day with a birthday breakfast at a nearby cafe.

We came back napped and hung out at home playing dreidel.

It’s hard having a birthday on a major holiday so I want to take a minute thank everyone for all the birthday love!

Happy holidays from my family to yours! Thank you for filling my home with all your smiling faces. I loved getting your cards so much that they are still hanging up.

And in case you were part of the dozen cards that we received back from the post office due to some crazy mailing errors then here is our card this year.

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Valentine’s Day {2018}

I love any reason to celebrate, but I especially love a day where everyone shows their love for one another. This year we made sure to celebrate  Valentine’s Day in many ways.

It started with a Valentine’s Pj Pancake party in Jacob’s class.We gave out I Wheelie Like You Valentine gifts to his classmates. See printable here.Later in the week Sarah worked on her My Little Pony cards. Since Vday fell on a weekday hubby and I opted to go to the dinner the weekend before.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrated with doughnuts and presents. The kids each got a water bottle and a book. For lunch I packed them each heart shaped food. Sarah lost her lunch before she even saw it and Jacob didn’t want to eat it. :(After breakfast J and I headed to the senior home to pass out cards.We concluded the LOVEly holiday with baking heart shaped brownies from our Foodstirs box.

See more about our box here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Christmas Day For A Jew {2017}

Christmas day is as fun for a jew as a non-Jew.

First, we have the day off so we get to spend the day with family and friends. Second, we see a movie. Third, we go out for Chinese food. This year we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of our traditional dinner in Chinatown we went out for lunch.Knowing that Yang Chow has a long wait, we decided it was best to put our name in and then explore. Good thing we did as they quoted us a 45 minute wait. We picked up some snacks at the local market. The kids love pointing out all the things we don’t have our local market. We stopped by our favorite little tea shop for some tea. Exploring. As usual dinner was scrumptious!Per usual J fell asleep on the way home.

Instead of a movie this year we lounged around and played card games.

I’ve been meaning to make this Chanukah themed craft or a while, so after dinner we made grape Jewish stars.

I love our little traditions! 

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

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Chanukah {2017}

Chanukah is not a big holiday in our family (or in the Jewish religion). However hubby and I try to make it special with a few family traditions. Chanukah is 8 nights so to celebrate we light the chanukiah and open a gift each night.

Night #1

We started Chanukah with a visit to a local play place for Chabad’s family fun night. We came home, lit the candles (everyone lights their own Chanukia) and sat down for dinner. I made soup and a latkes bar. Yum, our favorite way to eat latkes!Dessert was a cookie platter and sufganiyot (basically a jelly doughnut).After dinner we opened gifts. Needless to say the kids were super excited!Night #2

We kept it low key and just hung out at home. Sarah excited about her LOL dolls. After dinner I went to my neighbor’s holiday party.Night #3

It’s hard finding ways to volunteer when your kiddos are young, but thanks to the Sunshine Club we were able to celebrate Chanukah with them. We had a great time! We danced, sang a few songs and hopefully brought some sunshine to the seniors.  There was a juggler at the event and Miss Sarah got called to help. Night #4

This night fell on Shabbat. We lit our candles before heading out for dinner at a friend’s house, but did not take any pics. Night #5

I was sure we would have a lot of ballet in our future after her recital (see it here), until she told me she wanted to take a break for a few months. Well a few months later and she’s still not interested :( So when she mentioned she wanted to see the nutcracker I was a bit surprised. I bought tickets and gifted them to her for Chanukah. We had the sweetest time!Later that night we went on a family outing to see the Holiday Light Train.Night #6

I got the kiddos matching Chanukah PJ’s.During the day we met up with friends for Ice Skating on the lake.At night we went to the plaza for Chabad’s community menorah lighting. We lit the menorah, checked out the arts and crafts table, and saw a juggler. Night #7

Sarah had a few friends over for a cookie decorating play date.We drank hot cocoa, lit the candles and played dreidel. Night #8

We had a little holiday cookie decorating at Jacob’s mommy and me class.    At night we celebrated the last night at another community lighting. Sarah got her face painted, the kids got balloons and glow necklaces, Moshav performed and we watched the menorah lighting. Happy holidays from my family to yours! Thank you for filling my home with all your smiling faces.To see previous posts click below.

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Thanksgiving {2017}

After our busy Thanksgiving start in Vegas we were happy to spend the day in our PJ’s watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The kids had fun dancing around and pointing out their favorite floats.

During the parade we snacked on Pumpkin French Toast Casserole.

Yum!  After the Parade we did a project with the kids. We made fruit turkeys.  We also worked on our thankful tree.  We got dressed up at went to our friends house for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures other then the beautiful tablescape.Thank you Miri and family for having us!

  The next day hubby took the kids to see Coco.We rounded out the break with a visit to a new indoor trampoline place with the kiddos. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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Fall Bucket List

Happy fall ya’ll! It’s beginning to cool down here in So Cal and it kinda sorta feels like fall. Some days are super cool in the low 60’s and then some days are warm in the mid 90’s. However we have ditched our shorts and have moved on to layers. Now that it’s fall we have a few traditions we try to do each year. Here are some of our favorites!

Pumpkin Patch/Harvest Festival – We love going to the Pumpkin Patch! The food, the activities, the family photo ops and so much more!


Carve Pumpkins – While at the Pumpkin Patch we each pick out a pumpkin. A few days before Halloween we each carve our pumpkins. Check out Sarah’s pumpkin below.

Apple Picking – We haven’t done this before, but we have plans to go this year.

Host a costume play date – I love Halloween, but I don’t love all the gore that goes with it. So I host a happy Halloween play date with festive food.

Decorate Trader Joe’s edible haunted house – Every year we get one house where we all decorate. This year I have a feeling I am going to need two houses for each kiddo.

Decorate cards for hospitalized kids – The kids in the hospitals can’t go out trick-or-treating and candy is not really an option, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thought of during Halloween. Thanks to Andrea at Momfessionals, I printed blank cards and will let the kids get creative. We got the whole neighborhood involved last time and sent Vday cards.Read more about it here.

Attend our mommy group’s potluck and group picture – This fun tradition started when Sarah was a baby. A few years later we decided to make it a potluck and now it’s a whole fun event.Host Spooky Shabbat – The Friday before Halloween I like to host a formal dinner called Spooky Shabbat.See more here.

Costume Party – One of our friends from the mommy group hosts a costume party each year. Last year we went as The Incredibles.

Trick or Treat – We get together with a group of friends and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Some years we’ve even gathered before for a little potluck.


I love themed food and Halloween is no exception. We check out Frappula’s at Starbucks, Boo-rito’s at Chipotle and decorate our own spooky face at IHOP.

What are your plans this fall? Any fun family traditions? I’d love to try new things. Please comment below.

Mother’s Day {2017}

Now that Sarah (and Jacob) go to school they make fun things like this for Mother’s day. Sarah’s class also invited the moms for a Mother’s Day fiesta.

We ate, danced and the kids sang us a sweet song. Love my girl!

Jacob made a hand print piece at mommy and me that Sarah made a few years earlier! For Mother’s Day I just wanted to go out to breakfast with my family and rest at home. We started the morning with some fun on Snapchat.Brunch was at Malibu Farm. 

Sarah was still in Wonder Women mode and Jacob didn’t want to take any pictures. #life The restaurant I chose is super trendy right now. With no reservations and a long line we played while waiting. Finally inside, this mama got a frose (frozen rose)!   Thanks to this guy (and the kiddos) for a wonderful day! See past posts below.

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