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Fall Bucket List

Happy fall ya’ll! It’s beginning to cool down here in So Cal and it kinda sorta feels like fall. Some days are super cool in the low 60’s and then some days are warm in the mid 90’s. However we have ditched our shorts and have moved on to layers. Now that it’s fall we have a few traditions we try to do each year. Here are some of our favorites!

Pumpkin Patch/Harvest Festival – We love going to the Pumpkin Patch! The food, the activities, the family photo ops and so much more!


Carve Pumpkins – While at the Pumpkin Patch we each pick out a pumpkin. A few days before Halloween we each carve our pumpkins. Check out Sarah’s pumpkin below.

Apple Picking – We haven’t done this before, but we have plans to go this year.

Host a costume play date – I love Halloween, but I don’t love all the gore that goes with it. So I host a happy Halloween play date with festive food.

Decorate Trader Joe’s edible haunted house – Every year we get one house where we all decorate. This year I have a feeling I am going to need two houses for each kiddo.

Decorate cards for hospitalized kids – The kids in the hospitals can’t go out trick-or-treating and candy is not really an option, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thought of during Halloween. Thanks to Andrea at Momfessionals, I printed blank cards and will let the kids get creative. We got the whole neighborhood involved last time and sent Vday cards.Read more about it here.

Attend our mommy group’s potluck and group picture – This fun tradition started when Sarah was a baby. A few years later we decided to make it a potluck and now it’s a whole fun event.Host Spooky Shabbat – The Friday before Halloween I like to host a formal dinner called Spooky Shabbat.See more here.

Costume Party – One of our friends from the mommy group hosts a costume party each year. Last year we went as The Incredibles.

Trick or Treat – We get together with a group of friends and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Some years we’ve even gathered before for a little potluck.


I love themed food and Halloween is no exception. We check out Frappula’s at Starbucks, Boo-rito’s at Chipotle and decorate our own spooky face at IHOP.

What are your plans this fall? Any fun family traditions? I’d love to try new things. Please comment below.

Mother’s Day {2017}

Now that Sarah (and Jacob) go to school they make fun things like this for Mother’s day. Sarah’s class also invited the moms for a Mother’s Day fiesta.

We ate, danced and the kids sang us a sweet song. Love my girl!

Jacob made a hand print piece at mommy and me that Sarah made a few years earlier! For Mother’s Day I just wanted to go out to breakfast with my family and rest at home. We started the morning with some fun on Snapchat.Brunch was at Malibu Farm. 

Sarah was still in Wonder Women mode and Jacob didn’t want to take any pictures. #life The restaurant I chose is super trendy right now. With no reservations and a long line we played while waiting. Finally inside, this mama got a frose (frozen rose)!   Thanks to this guy (and the kiddos) for a wonderful day! See past posts below.

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Passover {2017}

I love hosting dinner in our home. I think about the menu, invite guests, shop for food and set my table.The kids had a table of their own too.The menu consisted of a few favorites and some new dishes.

Orange Marmalade chicken – Sweet Onion Brisket – Matzah Apple Kugel – Carrot and Raisin Kugel – Sweet Potato Souffle Night #1 we had guests Nicole, Stacee and their families.

The kids had lot’s of fun looking for the afikoman. Bella was the big winner!

Night #2 we had Matt and Elizabeth. Unfortunately I forgot to a picture of our guests. :(

Sarah was a big star this night. She read the 4 questions (with very little help)!! So proud of our big girl! Thank you to our lovely guests for the wine and flowers, but most of all thank you for joining us this PassoverPassover 2016 – We were in Florida.

Passover 2015 – I was in the hospital giving birth to Jacob.

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Valentine’s Day {2017}

This year Valentine’s Day fell on a school day.

I had plans to volunteer at Sarah’s school, but I mixed up the dates and couldn’t get someone to watch Jacob.

After both Sarah and I shed some tears (poor kiddo really wants me to volunteer more often) I was determined to make the rest of the day fun.

After drop off, Jacob and I walked to the park.We started to get hungry so we drove to Starbucks for a little son and mama breakfast date.After breakfast we ran some errands. We stopped at the doughnut shop for some heart shaped doughnuts.Hubby picked Sarah from school and showed up with some treats.After nap we joined some mommy friends for an early movie. We saw the Batman Lego Movie.5 moms and 8 kiddos made for a fun and busy movie experience. We picked up some food for dinner and headed home.

It was was a lovely day!

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day!


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Tu Bishvat {2017}

Last weekend we celebrated Tu Bishvat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees. Tu Bishvat is a traditional holiday where we plant trees and eat food from the seven species; wheat, barley, olives, pomegranate, figs, dates and grapes.      This holiday celebrates the “rebirth” of the trees. Tu Bishvat marks the beginning of spring. However with of all this So Cal rain we have been having it does not feel like spring is here.

To celebrate Tu Bishvat we do a few things to remind us of the holiday.

We had our friends, Ava and Jules over for an afternoon craft. We made trees out of pretzel sticks and leaves out of sliced green grapes.

We also had a little Tu Bishvat seder at home.

After dinner we did a craft. With Valentine’s Day a few days away, we each wrote something about each person in our family and posted it on our love tree. 

The next day we attend a Tu Bishvat festival.

We made pita bread, stomped grapes and planted flowers.

It was a simple yet lovely holiday.

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New Year’s Eve {2016}

Before kids hubby and I would celebrate with fancy dinners and attend countdown parties. These days we take our kids to potluck parties. Life has changed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Soon the kids will get older and will want to do things with their friends. For now I will just enjoy our family nights out.

This year we went to our friends house for a family NYE party.I brought this DELICIOUS Salsa Verde Chicken dish and some Costco Mac & Cheese.

We started the night with a quick lighting of the menorah for the 8th night of Chanukah.The kiddos played with toys while the grownups played Fibbage. Such a fun game!!Jacob didn’t last long. He got super cranky around 8:30 pm so hubby took him back home for bed.   Sarah and I stayed until 12:30 am. We are such party animals (and Snapchat fans)!! Thank you Nicole and family for the fun night!

Happy New Year friends! Here is to a healthy, happy and successful 2017!!

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Chanukah {2016}

Chanukah is not a big holiday in our family (or in the Jewish religion). However hubby and I try to make it special with a few family traditions. Chanukah is 8 nights so to celebrate we light the menorah and opening a gift each night. This year it started in Christmas Eve and ended on New Years Eve.

Day #1

This year we started Chanukah with family over for brunch. I didn’t take any pics, but luckily my mother-in-law took a few.

I made Pumpkin French Toast Casserole, Oatmeal and Berry Casserole and Egg and Veggie Casserole.

We exchanged gifts and hung out for a bit before nap time.

Later that night, my friend Stacee and her son Brayden came over for dinner.

After dinner hubby took the kids and our guests on a holiday light scavenger hunt where they bumped into Olaf.Day #2

The next morning we started a new tradition by reading a Chanukah book at breakfast.We hung out in our Pj’s and I drank lot’s of coffee from my new favorite mug.We celebrated Chanukah that night in Chinatown.

Day #3

Sarah got to join us for Babycino where we celebrated with a little party. Later that day my college friend, Sivan and her fiance, were in the town so they came by to visit.Lighting the menorah every night was something the kids really looked forward to. They even asked if they could light it earlier several times through out the day.

Can you see Jacob’s hands on his eyes? Jacob got confused and thought we were lighting Shabbat candles. So cute!His turn to light his foam menorah.The gifts that night were their favorite! Sarah got a dog and a carrier while Jacob got a trash truck.Day #4

 For dinner I made our favorite Chanukah food, latkes. I set up a bar with different toppings and sauces and then everyone creates their own stack. We love it! Our current favorite is caprese style! Yum! Day #5

We attended our synagogue’s community celebration. They had arts and crafts for the kids, food, a juggler and lit the huge menorah.

Day #6

The kiddos wanted a picture with their menorahs.

Day #7

Day #8

We celebrated the 8th night at our friends house during a little NYE party.Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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